Who would have ever thought that Ms. Warnock left Indian Hills and went to Spain?

That's right, you can't hide anything from us not even your religion

How long have you been gone?* Here's something to refresh your memory since you haven't been back at school for a while:

Woah a typing practice folder! What could be in there?

Oh wait, there's nothing
Hmmm yeah I definitely worked during that class!

One time when I was in I think 7th grade, you told the class that we all hate you now, but when we're in high school we'll all come back and be thanking you. Now I don't know if it's just because you're not at Indian Hills anymore or what, but here we are! We were maybe going to come find your classroom this year but I guess we'll go talk to Ms. Banks instead.
"Ooh, maybe we can email Ms Banks!" "No, bad plan"
Just kidding, ms banks is great

Have a good 2 years

  --Various students that had your class a couple years ago

*After closer inspection of the missionary plaque, we found that you left on... The first day of school? Dang. Who's replacing you? Are you done? Are you ever going back to Indian Hills?